Applying for student visa immigration

    Student Orbit Oz, offer an Education Counselling about the applying for any student visa. For further information about students visas you can visit: Department of Immigration. If you choose one of our courses Student Orbit Oz can assist you with your visa application which is subject to approvals by the Department of Immigration rules, laws and regulations.

    A direct testimonial from former or current satisfied students is amongst the most effective forms of marketing and can give the institution a significant advantage over competitors.

    It is important to communicate with students in their native language. This is particularly true when a student makes initial contact in their native language. The majority of institutions world wide have Spanish-speakers on their marketing staff.

    Whilst students from most countries consider the location and course quality to be the top priority Latin American students on the other hand tend to have other needs. Course prices and living expenses are the primary factors for the majority of Latin American students when considering studying abroad. As a result we offer students competitive discounts on the duration of the course, this is evident when looking at the increasing number of Latin American students currently studying in Australia. We recommend that participating institutions should be flexible with their prices. Institutions that do not show a degree of flexibility with their prices lose out to their competitors.

    Health Insurance

    If you are on a Student Visa in Australia, you are eligible for Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) whilst you study in Australia. Health isnsurance provides you with peace of mind, so you can really enjoy your Aussie experience. And, if your life takes an unexpected turn while you're in Australia, your OSHC will be with you every step of the way.


    Personal counseling:
    We understand students may require assistance in any number of issues which may be directly or indirectly involved with their studies. For any specific needs we have staff to listen to your problems, to assist where necessary and to guide accordingly. During office hours our students can see our Student Contact Officer on counseling issues, Student Orbit Oz also have arrangements in place where students will have access to professional personal counseling.

    Academic Counseling:
    We have monitoring systems in place to identify the students who are facing difficulties in makingĀ  successful progress in the course. Students that require assistance will be monitored carefully and we offer an academic counseling service. We assist our students to complete their course. Our Academic Support Officers are available for the students to discuss their academic issues.


    Latin American students are, in general, greatly influenced by a personal touch when making decisions.

    Paragraphs of standard form e-mail texts and auto-responders with links to Web sites and so on are usually not appreciated. Perhaps more so than students from other regions of the world, students from Latin markets have a desire to feel that their enrollment is important to an institution.

    Often, many of the smaller institutions around the world havehigherpercentages of South American students than larger institutions as a direct result of a more personalized approach to marketing.

    Developing relationships with Latin American students, giving them a contact to which they can address all their questions, and replying as quickly as possible to those questions is imperative.

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